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Anything you do as a brand is about people. It’s why you exist. So why aren’t people considered more in the opportunities to engage, inform, educate and entertain them? Human thinking is core to Solica. It’s our first and last consideration and we think about it continuously. Without a human connection brand connection is a non-starter.

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| Three horizon model
| Behaviour modelling
| Gartner hype cycle model
| Journey mapping



Brand loyalty is the result of promises kept, positive experiences, follow-through and ultimately defined by people not companies. Branding therefore isn’t what your company says it is. It’s what others say and it’s the reputation you hold based on the experiences you provide. Your brand including your vision, mission, values, the promises you keep and actions you take sit on top of your integrated strategy. This strategy is the guiding light that intersects the many aspects of your business and ultimately engage internal and external audiences. Together, your brand and strategic planning go-hand-in-glove. Increasingly that gloved hand never lets go of the mobile device so the many aspects of digital engagement need to be planned as an integral part of the process.

| Branding
| Integrated strategy
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You can’t separate the hand from the digital device today. From smartphones to wearable technology digital engagement is the most direct and potentially immersive opportunity to sell your ideas. We have worked in the digital space since 1992 and have been part of the digital revolution, grown with it, shaped it and have brought great brands with us.

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Somewhere in the 20th century business forgot about the power of story when in-fact human beings are hardwired over hundreds of thousands of years to want to experience them. Storytelling in business is a vast opportunity to engage people quickly and effectively. While not the campfires of old modern storytelling and the many ways it can be done is remarkable. We connect ideas and audiences with a focus on why your story matters.

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